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Enjoyed the local content Glad to see AM is still alive Thx K
Ken Gi, Passing through I-10 (2014-02-06 10:45:23)

I was proud to be a member of the KMBL staff in '75,'76, and '77.The saddest thing I ever did on the air was report the death of Elvis Presley who was a personal friend; The only time I broke down and cried on the air. Charlie Mann, past Chief News Editor, KMBL Radio, Junction.
Charles E. Mann, Riverside, Texas (2011-11-01 19:47:47)

Thanks for the Trading Post announcements.
Adam Falls, Eden (2011-07-13 15:06:38)

My grandparents lived in Junction for years and the summer visits out there are some of my happiest memories. My brother and I loved listening to this station. Is it possible to listen over the internet? Thanks! Ellen Brightwell
Ellen Brightwell, Columbia, SC (2011-06-19 16:32:27)

Junction? Sounz familiar. Does Issack's still let you smoke there?
J. Jernigan, Nacogdoches, Tx. (Soon to be San Diego, Ca.) (2010-03-11 12:48:31)

I just wanted you to know that we were guests at the State Park in Junction this past week and were simply delighted in your wonderful station. We heard songs that we hadn't heard in years and the songs were rarely played twice (occasionally we would hear a duplicate) but that is because we listened all week. I am back at work today and would love to be able to listen to your radio station daily. Is this possible?
The Goodnights (Patsy, David & Jacob), Somerville, Texas (2009-07-27 12:27:18)

I am a Junction native and I love Kimble County and the Llano river.
Mary Coleman, Pine Bluff Arkansas (2008-12-03 14:27:57)

Want to say hello to all of my family in Junction and want to wish my niece good luck in band...
Camela Montoya, Graham, Tx (2008-10-23 02:19:16)

Love this site!!!! How nice to be able to find out what is happening around town!
Lynda Douglas, Junction, Tx (2008-09-13 11:45:10)

wow... are you good or what?
Molly Mcmillan, Junction, Tx (2008-05-04 13:18:35)

looking good Chuck.... I added the site to
Ted Morgan, Junction, Texas (2008-05-03 13:18:29)

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